Customers satisfaction is number one. But how can you get their trust while your are slowly response? It is gonna be a nightmare for you. Besides, you can lose as many customers as possible.

Feeling exhausted in replying to customer WhatsApp chats one by one? It is time to wrap! WAPLUGIN is an excellent solution for fixing your problem. You can replay your customer chat in Whatsapp only in one single click.

Importing new customer number will be easy-peasy. WAPLUGIN assist you to manage and save new numbers as many as you want. Worry about your WhatsApp apps will be error as there are lots of incoming messages? Relax! This WAPLUGIN ready to retain unlimited messages

Sounds great huh? Your burden will not decrease unless you use this amazing Waplugin! Let’s try and see how you can save many times!


IDR 149,000 monthly

  • Use Your Own Number
  • Unlimited Message
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited API Request
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Bulk Import Contacts
  • Text Spinner

Reach users on the world’s most popular messaging app through one streamlined application, just need one click to send your messages to your customers! Use WhatsApp messaging to reliably send mission critical messages from any notifications to any alerts.

Now your Customer Services are FREE From Very EXHAUSTING Manual Follow-Up Routines !

How these great features for you?

Using your own number

You do not require to change or add sim card number in order to blast your chat. You still can use your own number to chit-chat with your customer.

Unlimited message

With our unlimited message feature, you can save old messages from customer. A thousand messages can still exists.

Unlimited domain

Unlimited domain allows you to host some amount domain that you need. No any charges for adding domain.

WA API access

This feature enables you sent message in Whatsapp directly without signing in to Waplugin dashboard.

Unlimited contact

No matter how many numbers need to save, you still can save these without any doubts.

Bulk import contact

External contact can be imported. You can update your contact easily with this feature.

Text spinner

It delivers unique text to customers. Whenever you want to rewrite a block of text, you can rely on this feature to send a unique text.